About Us

Stephanie Tucker founded the resources contained in this website throught the partnership of Spirit of Life Recovery and New Life Spirit Recovery.  Both from her personal experience and then to her professional role, Stephanie is passionate about seeing men and women set free from the destructive patterns of codependence.

To learn about Stephanie and Robert Tucker, and the staff that serves in the codependence programs, click here.

The resources offered through this website include:

  • Workbooks that can be purchased
  • Free workshops and webinars
  • Professional Training
  • Professional Treatment Services
  • Resources to help understand codependency dynamics. Go to the tab "Resources" for a full list.
  • To read her testimony and why she provides these resources, click here.

Spirit of Life Recovery is a 501-c3 organization. To learn more about this organization, click here

New Life Spirit Recovery is a Christ-centered drug and alcohol treatment facility, that also offers codependence treatment services. To learn more, click here