Christian Codependence Ministry Resources
You were made to thrive, not just survive

Overcoming Codependence is a Journey of Hope, Healing and Restoration

If you are here to find freedom, wholeness and fresh hope - it us our true desire to join you on the journey. We have helped thousands of men and women overcome defeating behaviors, mindsets and unhealthy relationships. 

Most people seek help for codependence when relationships continue to bring pain and destruction. They arrive at a place of hurt and are ready to learn a new way of doing life. They oftentimes have looked down many paths, and almost feel like giving up.  

The program at Spirit of Life Recovery offers books, workshops and counseling resources to help you regain healthy identity and learn tools to end cycles that bring sabotage and defeat. We approach codependence by both healing emotional hurt and developing spiritual protocols that empower us to become everything God created and designed to be.