The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook
From Surviving to Signficance

by Stephanie Tucker


Widely misunderstood in the church community, “codependence” affects everyone. As people created for God dependency, when anything or anyone stands in His place, the consequences can be devastating. Most people affected by codependence are experiencing emotional turmoil and an overwhelming sense of responsibility for the needs of people around them who are unhealthy. Unlike immoral sins, codependence is much harder to detect because it manifests as “loving” acts, helpful deeds and a “good” Christian lifestyle. It is not only acceptable behavior, but even welcomed and affirmed in the body of Christ.

To understand “codependence” versus authentic love, we must first understand what God’s love looks like, and from there, we can begin to compare and contrast the counterfeit version.  The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook takes readers through this process to reveal distortions about love, life and relationships. It practically addressing the manifest behaviors, emotions and felt needs of the codependent, allowing the reader to identify with the realities of codependence in his or her own life that may have previously been misunderstood or ignored. Simultaneously, readers are introduced to the precious truths of God’s love that often get twisted and filtered through faulty filters.  The difference can be astonishing.

The workbook doesn't just diagnose the problem, it offers the healing principles of the Lord Jesus Christ in a fresh and profound way that truly gives the reader an opportunity to walk in freedom and grace, rather than bondage and control. Readers are led on a journey of identifying resentments, violations, sin, anger and much more in order to properly access redemption. Once core roots are revealed, the workbook then takes readers step-by-step through the forgiveness process, eventually learning how to see self, others and God accurately and through the filter of grace.  

The reader will:

  • Face toxic beliefs systems
  • Understand driving roots
  • Confront the pain of the past
  • Identify patterns of shame
  • Receive and offer forgiveness
  • Embrace authentic identity
  • Set healthy and safe boundaries
  • Learn life through God's perspective

            Above all, this journey allows the reader the opportunity to find true freedom in Christ.  When fear is removed and shame is discarded, the reader can receive and become who God intended him or her to be.

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