Steps to Recovery

Recovery from Codependence is an amazing journey of healing, hope and discovery of God's purpose and plan in our life. True freedom from Codependence happens by:

  1. Understanding and personally experiencing the love of God; learning to differentiate true love from the counterfeit version of codependence.
  2. Ceasing control - an ability to surrender our will to the care and provision of God Almighty. This means ending our own efforts to change outcomes in people and circumstances.
  3. Coming out of denial - seeing things as they really are no matter how painful that may be. God leads us out of our painful past by giving us new belief systems based on His truth.
  4. Understanding our true needs, and properly grieving and letting go of those things that were lost. We must emotionally connect with losses in order for this to occur.
  5. Removing shame and the effects of negative experiences by learning how to give and receive forgiveness properly. Forgiveness brings ultimate freedom.
  6. Understanding that who we are in God’s eyes holds much value and allows us to release the need to “do things” in order to gain acceptance by God and others.
  7. Reconnecting with our true self, the person God made us to be. Finding our authentic identity, purpose and God's plan for our life. 
  8. Accepting God’s promises in our life despite our circumstances or what other people say or do. (You are and will become who God says you are not who people say you are ).  
  9. Day by day, minute by minute, learning to be internally referenced by the Holy Spirit residing inside you, no longer being bound by the external reference of what other people think or feel. Simply put, learning how to "walk in the Spirit".  
  10. Serving other people by serving Jesus first. Being obedient to whatever and however God chooses to use you in other people's life. Learning how to not accept the failure or receive the victory for what happens to another person. Truly understanding that God (not me!) is in control.